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Michigan Something Corporate fans

babies of the 80's

Michigan Something Corporate Fans
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This community is for fans of the band Something Corporate (and there respective side projects) that live in Michigan to get together and talk about everything
Something Corporate related. this is also to help share information on concert info in Michigan.
Michigan Loves Something Corporate:
What are the rules?
1)No flaming- we're all friends here
2)Please don't use too much profanity
3)Don't harass or abuse other members
4)Keep the topics Something Corporate/Jacks Mannequin/Firescape related
5)Oh yeah... and Being from Michigan would be a plus!
Follow these few guidelines and you will be ok!

Who are the Mods?
rebooten_tag <--Jason
thomasav <--Tommy
We're friendly guys, just be nice and everything will be ok.