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Still nothing's as it was

Hello. I've been a member of the communit for a while, and never introduced myself. And I think this community should NOT die. I'm Nicole, I'm 16, and live in Rochester Hills. I'm xonexslowdance on the messengers. Anyway...

There's been a lot ranting, and complaining when it comes to Jack's Mannequin and The Messengers and promoting and that. I've been trying to become an ambassador for Detroit for almost two months, and they continue to ignore me. And there's only 2-3 of them Sooo. Yeah. I'm just wondering how many active Michigan Messengers there are, because I have a feeling there aren't many, so I don't understand why all the Michigan kids are getting ignored when it comes to ambassadorship and promo materials. Let's all do a survey, yes?

First off, do you own the Jack's Mannequin CD:
Are you part of the Messengers:
How active are you in the message boards:
How many challenges have you done? (If you don't know exact number, just guess)
Have you promoted Jack's offline? If so, how:
Were you ever chosen to receive promotion material:
And lastly, ARE you an ambassador for Detroit:

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